北京$Key$下载$Key$下载设备有限$Key$下载,     由中国航空技术进出口集团北京$Key$下载与德国CABAO$Key$下载共同出资,于1995年12月28日在北京经济技术开发区成立。注册资金1000万德国马克(5800万人民币)。自成立以来,一直从事$Key$下载设备产品在中国市场的开拓、销售、售后服务及经销商的支持工作。

       依靠雄厚的资金、多年$Key$下载设备销售经验及成熟的售后服务队伍等资源,我们将在世界全自动洗地机市场占有领先地位的意大利“COMAC“(高美)全系列地面清洗、   清扫和吸尘设备和著名德国工业设计$Key$下载完全根据中国市场情况设计开的“MAHA”全系列工业级高压清洗机引入中国。 产品包括高压清洗机、 超高压清洗机、洗地机、清扫车、吸尘设备等五大系列上百个品种。为更好的服务于经销商,我$Key$下载在分别在北京、上海、成都建立了产品展示、销售、服务中心及上千平方米的产品、配件库房,以作为经销商的坚强后盾。


?Bejing Cabao Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on December 28, 1995 in Beijing Economic-technological Development Area, which invested by CATIC Beijing and Cabao GmbH. It has registered capital of DM 10 million (RMB 58 million) and the goals of business are to develop marketing, promote products, enhance after service and support dealers in China cleaning equipment market. 

Depending on sufficient capital, professional business knowledge and experienced sale/after-sale service, we introduced“COMAC”, a leading Italia brand of floor cleaning machines e.g. scrubbers, sweepers and vacuums and “MAHA”, industrial whole series high-pressure equipment that designed and developed by famous Germany industrial-design company according to domestic situation and requirement. Our scope of products covers five different series i.e. more than one hundred types, including high-pressure cleaners, extra-high-pressure cleaners, scrubber driers, sweepers, vacuums. In order to provide better service and become the strong supporter to our dealers, we separately set up show rooms, service centers and spare-parts warehouses which covers areas of more than thousands square meters in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

Our mission is not only to provide top-ranking cleaning equipments but also to spread integrated and scientific cleaning concept. We would like to make great efforts to strength our pre-sale service (reserve of products, recommend of new products, brand promotion), sale service (client resource, product training) and after-sale service (maintenance training, technical supporting) for the purpose of meeting our dealers’ requirement. We hope that the excellent quality products and the perfect supply and service system will greatly raise dealers’ sales performance. Come to join us and create the brilliance together.




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